I'm all about blending the latest in tech with the nitty-gritty of how our brains tick to make learning click. I dive into everything from how kids and adults pick up new skills (that's Andragogy and Pedagogy, by the way) to the psychology behind learning. I'm also into prompt engineering by using AI and VR to shake up traditional learning, making it more tailored and inclusive like stepping into a whole new world of learning. 

I'm big on VARK learning styles – because everyone learns differently, right? And don't forget Social Emotional Learning – it's all about growing those essential life skills. Then there's Inquiry-Based and Project-Based Learning; these are my go-to methods for getting learners to think critically and solve problems.

Solution-based learning is another area I'm hyped about – it’s all about tackling real-life problems to make learning stick while scaffolding is my fave to help them soar on their own.

I’m also hooked on the neuroscience side of things – figuring out how our brains learn best. On the teaching side, I love mixing and matching different instructional designs like ADDIE and SAM to see how they fit in. 

With the digital learning wave, I'm always exploring how to make online learning a blast and effective. Learning Management Systems? They’re essential in my book for delivering top-notch content.

In our digital-first world, teaching digital citizenship is key – it's all about smart and safe digital interactions. ePortfolios are another cool tool I use for tracking progress and reflective learning.

Above all, I'm all about keeping the learning train moving, both for personal growth and professional development. My endgame? Transform education into a never-ending, awesome journey for everyone, using simple, powerful tools and techniques. That's my mission – to turn education into a lifelong adventure!

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My research interests lie at the intersection of educational innovation and cognitive development, with a focus on leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences. These interests span a wide range of areas, reflecting my commitment to understanding and improving how we learn and teach in an increasingly digital yet emotional world.

Andragogy (Leading Adults) and Pedagogy (Children): I am deeply intrigued by how adults and children learn and intend to devise strategies that cater to learners at different life stages, recognizing the unique needs learning styles, and challenges of each.

Psychology of Learning: Understanding the mental processes involved in learning is crucial. I inquire how cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences affect learning, and how this knowledge can be used to create more effective teaching methodologies and experiences.

AI for Education: Artificial Intelligence holds tremendous potential in personalizing learning experiences. I am greatly interested in AI and how can it be utilized to adapt learning content and pace to individual learner needs to make education more efficient and inclusive.

VR for Augmented Learning: Virtual Reality offers immersive learning experiences that can enhance understanding and retention. I believe it can be integrated into traditional learning environments to provide practical, hands-on experiences, especially in fields where real-world training is challenging. #VirtuReality

Educational Technologies: I am fascinated by the role of various technologies in education, from simple tools to complex systems. This includes the evaluation of their effectiveness in different learning contexts and their impact on learner engagement and achievement.

VARK Learning Styles: Recognizing that learners have different preferences (Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, Kinesthetic), I investigate how these styles influence the design of educational materials and teaching approaches to serve diverse learner needs.

Social Emotional Learning: SEL is critical in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Integrating SEL into curriculums to develop skills like empathy, self-awareness, and relationship management among learners is a big yes for me.

Inquiry-Based (IBL) and Project-Based Learning (PBL): These learner-centered approaches promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills and I would incorporate these into various educational settings.

Solution-Based Learning (SBL): The potential of SBL in fostering innovative thinking by focusing on solving real-world problems, thereby making learning more relevant and engaging is underestimated. However, SBL is one of the first objectives I bring to my teaching experiences.

Scaffolding (One of my fave): I love the methods and strategies that provide tailored support to learners, ensuring they build on prior knowledge and gradually reach higher levels of independence in learning.

Neuroscience of Learning: My interest in the neuroscience of learning involves understanding how brain development and functioning impact learning, and how this knowledge can impact learning practices.

Instructional Design Models: I experiment with various models like ADDIE, Backward Design, SAM, Rotational, and Gagne, assessing their effectiveness in different educational contexts and how they can be adapted to meet contemporary educational needs.

eLearning and Distance Learning: The digital revolution has transformed how we learn. My research encompasses the effectiveness of online learning environments and strategies to enhance learner engagement and success in these settings.

Learning Management Systems: LMSs are crucial in organizing and delivering educational content. I examine their role in facilitating learning and teaching, and how they can be optimized for better educational outcomes.

Digital Citizenship: In an increasingly digital world, I would like to explore deeply how learners can be taught to navigate digital spaces responsibly, ethically, and safely.

ePortfolios: I investigate the use of ePortfolios in assessing student learning and progress, and their role in fostering reflective learning practices.

Self and Professional Development through Systematic Education: I advocate for continuous learning as a tool for personal and professional growth, exploring how systematic education approaches can facilitate lifelong learning.

My overarching goal is to contribute to the field of education by developing simple yet effective learning techniques and tools. I am dedicated to creating a learning landscape where education is not just a means to an end, but a continuous, enriching journey for every individual.