Salih Mansur

Research Experience

● Students Experience Research Group (SERG), Dr. Lara Beaty, Psychology Program Co-Director, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY | Long Island City, NY-March 2016-Present

As a senior researcher with SERG, I specialize in multimedia research on student-school interactions, collaborating to enhance student success and retention. My participatory action research has sharpened my data skills, leading to presentations at notable conferences including the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA), LaGuardia’s Social Science Conferences, Hunter College Psych Convention, and MSCHE meetings. I'm committed to research excellence, shown by my perfect meeting attendance and leadership in encouraging team presentations at various conferences, thereby fostering a vibrant academic dialogue and contributing meaningfully to the educational community.

Stone Cognition Lab, John Jay College, Dr. Charles Stone  | New York-Sep’19-Sep’23

My work focused on utilizing technology for simple, accessible education. I played a key role in the Smartphone Addiction Studies for College Students project, examining its impact on academic performance. This involved reviewing literature, analyzing data, and contributing to various forms of multimedia content dissemination. The project offered insights into the intersection of technology use and educational outcomes, underscoring the importance of mindful digital engagement for student success.